BookTrib’s Bites: Four Great Reads to Take You Through the Summer


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“Shadow SongShadow Song
by Anita Morrish       

“A brilliant story of courage, resilience and love.” Rome 1943 ... As war ravages Italy, Rome’s inhabitants are watched and under curfew. Some join the resistance. Francesca, a talented art student, finds work at Rome’s opera house where nothing is as it seems. Carlo, a doctor, returns unexpectedly to Rome, unable to escape his past. Danger lurks in the shadows, threatening Francesca, Carlo and those they love.  

“The story is unputdownable,” says “Shadow Song” is a gripping, heart-wrenching World War II tale that will stay with the reader long after the book is finished. Anita Morrish's story is filled with inspiration that people can act for what is right in the face of adversity and tragic circumstances.”

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by Erich Krauss  

From NYT bestselling author Erich Krauss comes the story of two unlikely heroes thrust into a post-apocalyptic mission to restore humanity.    

Thirty years after The Great Fatigue infected the globe, Seth Keller makes a gruesome discovery which forces him to leave the safety of his desert home and the only other person left in the world … at least, as far as he knows.    

Three thousand miles away in Costa Rica, Sarah Peoples has made her own discovery -- just as horrific, and just as life-changing.    

On separate journeys a world apart, Seth and Sarah find themselves swept up in a deadly race to save humankind. But does humanity deserve to survive? “An absolute page-turner,” says NYT bestselling author, Glen Cordoza.

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Paul S. Endy Jr.: Las Vegas Casino Gaming Legend“Paul S. Endy Jr.: Las Vegas Casino Gaming Legend”
by Eric P. Endy.  

There isn’t a person who had anything to do with the gaming industry in Las Vegas -- or the world for that matter -- who doesn’t recognize the company name of Paul-Son Dice. But how many know the name of the man behind PaulSon, Paul S. Endy Jr.? He was known by many names, including Mr. Paulson, the old man, a mover and a shaker, a bull in a china shop, and Mr. Endy. But he was the author’s father, and this is the story of his life and the legacy to the gaming industry he left behind.  

Says Wayne Newton, “Paul Endy was a real Casino Gaming Legend and a great human being! I will always cherish the time we spent together. This book continues his legacy.” Purchase at

Asterisk: A Wildcard Character“Asterisk: A Wildcard Character”
by Booth Milovnik  

In January of 1983, 14-year-old Cindy found out she was pregnant. Her faith-filled mother was crushed. She ended up giving birth and naming the baby Matthew. Cindy ended up calling Matthew her little asterisk. As Cindy tells us the story of her life, Matthew seems to be a footnote to everything that happens.  

But Matthew is not just an asterisk in his mother’s story. Family members and friends also share their stories, and Matthew seems to be an asterisk in all of them. Who is Matthew? Who is his father? Just how important is Matthew to everyone he encounters as he grows up? Read stories that are raw and emotional, sometimes funny, often sad, but always compelling.

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